January 21, 2014

I loved Boti Falls. It took forever to get there driving on the pot-holed roads, we spent more time travelling than we did at the site and it wasn’t even a sunny day. But something about this place just made me feel great.


We decided to save the falls for last and see what other wonders were in store for us first. We trekked up a hill and then down through the jungle, scrabbling over rocks and nearly falling many times, to get to the caves. We didn’t think the path could get much more difficult until we saw the near vertical huge rock steps that we were going to climb up. I genuinely didn’t think it could possibly be the route when I saw it. It was exhausting. So worth it though because at the top was Umbrella Rock or as I like to call it ‘Lion King Rock’ because I’m pretty sure it’s what Pride Rock was based on.



Finally made it.

Lion King rock ladder

This is what we had to climb to get onto the rock. Absolutely terrifying!

The world is mine Lion King Rock

The world is mine!


Attempting the lion king pose –absolute fail

The third sight we saw was the 3-headed palm tree, it is believed to be a fertility tree and that you will have twins if you stand in it (or something along those lines, I can’t quite remember).



We then headed back down the super steep steps, back through the rainforest and down the hill, before going down hundreds of steps to get to the falls. What’s special about Boti falls is that they are twin water falls. It is said that one is male and one is female and in the rainy season they meet to became 1 large waterfall.

Boti falls


We went swimming and I even sat under the falls. This was pretty difficult because the power of it pushed you away but there was a rock under the fall on the right that you can grab hold of to pull yourself in. The power of the falls is immense, sitting under it felt like having a pretty painful back massage. Such an amazing experience though. Definitely worth the long tro-tro ride to get there!